The 4 
Guardians (SJ) Artisans (SP) Idealists (NF) Rationals (NT)
Intelligence Proprietary Prudence Dynamic Impulse Perceptual Insight Logical Reason
Contribution Dependability/Customs Playfulness/Styles Sentiment/Virtues Knowledge/Systems
Motivation Cultural Duty Hedonic Opportunity Spiritual Disharmony Scientific Possibilities
Ability Scheduling/Civility Technique/Boldness Imagination/Goodwill Strategy/Ingenuity
Language Report Traditionally Sensorate Anecdotally Hyperbolize Metaphorically Deduce Categorically
Personality Types Health Guardians
Keeper (ESFJ.gair)
Preparer (ISFJ.gair)
Caretaker (ESFJ.giar)
Provisioner (ESFJ.giar)
ProviderK (ESFJ.gira)
Nourisher (ISFJ.gira)
Property Guardians
Manager (ESTJ.gari)
Examiner (ISTJ.gari)
Administrator (ESTJ.grai)
Inspector (ISTJ.grai)
SupervisorK (ESTJ.gria)
Investigator (ISTJ.gria)
Animated Artisans
PerformerK (ESFP.agir)
Fashioner (ISFP.agir)
Entertainer (ISFP.aigr)
Styler (ISFP.aigr)
Portrayer (ESFP.airg)
Depictor (ESFP.airg)
Smooth Artisans
PromoterK (ESTP.agri)
CrafterK (ISTP.agri)
Marketer (ESTP.argi)
Builder (ISTP.argi)
Enterpriser (ESTP.arig)
Constructor (ISTP.arig)
Guiding Idealists
TeacherK (ENFJ.igar)
CounselorK (INFJ.igar)
Educator (ENFJ.igra)
Mentor (INFJ.igra)
Director (ENFJ.irga)
Advisor (INFJ.irga)
Messenger Idealists
ChampionK (ENFP.iagr)
Illustrator (INFP.iagr)
Advocate (ENFP.iarg)
ComposerK (INFP.iarg)
Reformer (ENFP.irag)
Philosopher (INFP.irag)
Coordinating Rationals
Mobilizer (ENTJ.rgai)
Evaluator (INTJ.rgai)
Commander (ENTJ.rgia)
Analizer (INTJ.rgia)
MarshalerK (ENTJ.riga)
Methodizer (INTJ.riga)
Engineering Rationals
Prototyper (ENTP.ragi)
Modeler (INTP.ragi)
Devisor (ENTP.raig)
Drafter (INTP.raig)
InventorK (ENTP.riag)
Theorist (INTP.riag)
K These verb-based names were adopted from Keirsey's 16 type names. Keirsey's Artisan name Composer was moved to Idealist.


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