The 2 Expressivities

Intragating/Extragating are the two expressivities. Similar to temperament, the two expressivities come in a sequential order for each LTO personality type. The expressivities are separate from the four temperaments, but considered part of temperament order. For example, Extragating - Guardian, Artisan, Rational then Idealist (E.gari) is a complete definition of temperament order for the LTO type Manager (ESTJ.gari). The additional letters in the type name are not needed, but remain for mapping and historical reference.

In 1921 Carl Jung introduced the two metaphorical "attitude-types" Introverted/Extroverted. In 1957 Myers & Briggs explained Introverted/Extroverted as Reserved/Expressive and labeled them I/E. In 1978 Keirsey kept the Jung/Myers definitions for I/E in his work. In 2011 Lewis replaced Introverted/Extroverted with Intragating/Extragating definitions.

Why change to Intragating/Extragating? They are verb-based and observable. They don't carry any bad definitions of Introverted/Extroverted. They work with the I/E letters for familiarity.

Intragating (I)

To Intragate is to intermittently communicate to others about goals in social situations. The goals vary by temperament, but all Intragating types selectively communicate them.

Many Intragators excel at non-verbal communication, they communicate only what is important to others and use personal effort to achieve their goals. In social situations, Intragators more often think to themselves before communicating than think out loud to others. Intragating does not mean shy, cold or unsociable.

The I types are on the Organizers (IJ) and Designers (IP) role wheels.

Extragating (E)

To Extragate is to continually communicate to others about goals in social situations. The goals vary by temperament, but all Extragating types readily communicate them.

Many extragators excel at verbal communication, they communicate everything they are doing to others and use it as a skill to have others or groups achieve their goals. In social situations, Extragators more often think out loud to others than think to themselves before communicating. Extragating does not mean friendly, or sociable.

The E types are on the Instructors (EJ) and Motivators (EP) role wheels.

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